there are traces of you in every wonder

which is why i believe that

nebulas, autumns,

kaleidoscopes, the canopy

and other forces

possess your lifecodes.

i am the witness

to the phenomena

that exists

in your in-betweens

i am the spectator

in awe

of the compositions

alchemy, formulas

molecules and atoms

that built you.


ill keep looking for sunsets and sunrises where we both end up staring at the same side. and if that may never happen ill accept that some forevers really does not exist. i hope you continue sailing across the sky without me

do not hesitate to unleash

your raging storms towards me.

you can always set your dark clouds

at my expense,

i’ll always love the worst seasons of you

and im always willing to dive into

your restless tides.

no signals yet

the endless pursuit for hope takes its toll on me

the dilemma is, some parts in me awakened

and some

fell deeper into the void


the connections between our constellations are incomplete


i have yet to embrace my resolve

where every you isnt a bad dream

and every bad dream doesnt confine me in torment


the raining of what-ifs

pouring from the clouds


the hidden flaws of the moon

revealed by the eclipse


the silent ocean where no waves

are ever coming back.


the perfect fallaway

until our hearts

beat in symmetry.

until the forces between the moon and the earth align and conspire,

in seeking each other’s eyelids.

until all the celestial things, above

move to synergize you and me

it would be an honor to ready my unconditional arms.

i will wait for you

to descend on me.

to catch

your perfect fallaway.