this is how you will let me in

this is how you will let me in.

you will show me all your scars, those that still hurt you the most.

i will dive to find what you buried deep and accept

that you decided to be incomplete, a million tears ago.

this story is not new.

how the ashes remained to where you were always kissed

how the songs you missed let the cold memorize your skin.

your battlemarks, your empty lips,

your cracks that may be permanent but my heart

despite the ocean of fears that did so drowned you

will become the anchor of your rescue.

your broken pieces are exposed in the sky

but ive seen how your eyes

stay still despite the sun’s absence.

your misplaced wounds are beautiful.

and worth fighting for



as long as there are stars up there

there is plenty of love to fall


and i look up the same every night

for one thing and one thing only.


that each reflection of light they focus on us

is a greater revelation


and maybe if we collect each piece of what they illuminate

we could find the answers we are looking for.

ascending down


an angel stumbles.

this distance overcomes me.

i run as far as i can.

one liter of smiles.

just an inch to feel her face,

but yet so far.

the wind doing its best to wear her down.

the burden of the world 

she became the crying shoulder.